November 8, 2016

Central Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan

Heritage is within the Central Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan adopted in 2004 by a group of stakeholders within it’s bounds.

The Neighborhood Planning Team (NPT) that oversaw the development of this plan and manages any amendments today is the Central Austin Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee (CANPAC).

In the event that a property owner requests a plan amendment, this group will be responsible for determining the sentiment of neighborhood stakeholders and submitting a letter of support or opposition to the plan amendment application before the scheduled Planning Commission hearing.

The plan amendment process ordinance states the NPT shall include at least one representative from the following groups within a neighborhood plan area:

  • Property owners
  • Renters
  • Business owners
  • Neighborhood associations

The NPT also has the ability to submit an application to amend a neighborhood plan outside the scheduled time period for plan amendments. The teams can also submit an application on behalf of another person who wishes to apply for a plan amendment outside of the amendment cycle for that planning area.

The current membership of CANPAC consists of representatives from the seven neighborhood associations/groups that actively participated throughout the development of the Central Austin Combined Neighborhood Plan:

  • Eastwoods Neighborhood Association
  • Hancock Neighborhood Association
  • Heritage Neighborhood Association
  • North University Neighborhood Association
  • Shoal Crest Neighborhood Association
  • University Area Partners
  • West University Neighborhood Association

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